Policies Schemes


Policies Schemes

General Policies

Guest Policy

Can I bring guests to the Club?
Yes. However, all members must sign in their guests, and accompany their guests throughout their visit. There are some restrictions to how often guests may visit the Club. See Section 5 in the Club’s Bye-Laws for more information. Restrictions also apply to when guests can use the Club’s facilities. In addition, members will have to pay the respective guest charges for their guest’s usage of facilities.

Can I bring guests to the Club’s gym?
Yes. Each guest is subject to a fee of $10.70 w/GST. Guests may use the gym from 10.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays only.

Child Minder

Can my maid or helper bring my children into the Club without my presence?
Yes. All you have to do is fill in a Childminder Application Form to authorize your maid or helper’s admission into the Club for specific days and times. Otherwise, you must sign in your maid or helper as your guest.

Payment of Club Expenses

How do I pay for what I purchase in the Club?
Members need to produce their membership card for all transactions made in the Club and all expenses will be billed to their membership account. Cash is not accepted.

How do I know how much I spend at the Club?
Members will be sent a Statement of Accounts in the beginning of the month. Members can also contact the Finance Department at 6398 5325 / 6398 5358 or email to members_account@sgcc.com.sg for enquires on their accounts.

How do I pay my outstanding balance?
Payment can be done through cash, cheque (Payee Name: Serangoon Gardens Country Club or SGCC), GIRO, internet banking or credit card. However, credit card payments are subject to 4% administrative fees. Members are encouraged to apply for GIRO as it provides a convenient way to ensure prompt payment of bills.

When is the deadline for payment of Statement of Account?
The due date for settlement of current charges is the end of the month in which the statement is sent. Any charges older than current are required to be paid immediately.

How do I apply for GIRO?
Download our GIRO Application Form and submit to Main Reception from 9am – 10pm daily.

How long does it take for my GIRO application to be approved?
The bank will notify the Club within 3-4 weeks on the approval status of GIRO application.

How to make payment via internet banking?
Log on to your bank’s Internet Banking portal.

  1. via Bill payment option (only for DBS/POSB/Standard Chartered account holder)
    Go to the Bill Payment option and select Serangoon Gardens Country Club as the billing organisation and include your membership number under the Customer Reference field.
  2. via Fund Transfer option
    Funds can be transferred to our account directly. Please remember to include your membership number in the Customer Reference field. Our account details are as follow:Bank: DBS
    Bank Account No: 047-001763-7, Bank Code: 7171, Branch Code: 047

Important: Please check with your bank on the processing time for internet funds transfer to ensure that your payment reaches us on time. Kindly note that we will credit your account upon receipt of your payment during working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am – 6.30pm) only.

Grand Membership

A Grand Membership is offered to members who are above 70 years old and have been members for 25 years consecutively. Grand Members get to enjoy all Club facilities at only half the prevailing subscription rate.

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • Applicant must have transferred or sold his / her Ordinary Membership prior to his / her application for Grand Membership
  • Upon successful application, applicant must pay a $500 refundable deposit and will be subject to a spending limit.
  • Applicant must fulfill all criteria as mentioned in Article 13B of the Club’s Constitution
  • Grand Members will not be eligible to hold office or vote at general meetings, but may attend general meetings

Absentee Membership

I have been posted overseas for work. What happens to my membership while I am away?
You may apply to be an Absent Member during the time you are away. Minimum period for Absentee Membership is 3 months. Absent Members only need to pay 25% of their yearly subscription fee upfront. Absentee Memberships must be renewed on a yearly basis. When applying to be an Absent Member, please provide documented proof of your posting (e.g. a work visa or letter from your employer).

Can I use the Club’s facilities when I’m back in Singapore for holidays?
Yes. Absent Members are allowed to use the Club’s facilities for two continuous weeks per year. However, Absent Members will need to purchase cash coupons to pay for goods and services if they plan to use the Club during those two weeks.

Supplementary Membership

The Supplementary Membership scheme is available for Ordinary Members’ unmarried children aged 21 – 26 to continue using the Club’s facilities, at a monthly subscription.

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • Minimum Subscription period is 6 months
  • Monthly Subscription is $80.25 w/GST per child (with effect from 1 June 2015)
  • Registration Fee is $53.50 w/GST per application

Transferring and Selling of Membership

What should I do if I want to sell my membership in the open market?
You can place an advertisement in the papers stating you would like to sell your membership. You may also contact an agent who transacts club memberships.

Are there any fees involved if I would like to sell my membership in the open market?
Yes, there will be transfer fees involved. There may also be agents’ fees if you go through an agent.

What is a transfer fee?
The transfer fee is a fee payable to the Club by the person who sells his / her membership.

How is the transfer fee determined?
The transfer fee is determined at the sole discretion of the General Committee of the Club.

What is the current transfer fee if I want to sell my membership in the open market?

Membership Type
Transfer Fee
Ordinary Membership
$8,827.50 w/GST
Corporate Membership
$11,235.00 w/GST

Note: Transfer fees are borne by the seller.

Can I transfer my membership to my family members or relatives?
Ordinary memberships can be transferred within the family at the administrative fees listed below. Non-Transferable Ordinary Memberships cannot be transferred to family members or transferred upon death. All other types of transfers (eg. to niece or nephew) will be subject to the Club’s transfer fee.

Transfer Type
Administrative Fee
Transfer from spouse to spouse$107.00 w/GST
Transfer from parent to child$107.00 w/GST
Transfer from grandparent to grandchild$107.00 w/GST
Transfer from sibling to siblingHalf of the prevailing transfer fee

Termination of Membership

Can I terminate my membership during the instalment period?
If members terminate the membership during the installment period, they will have to pay all outstanding balances of the entrance fee immediately.

Can I sell my Ordinary membership during the instalment period?
Yes. However, you must first settle the remaining instalment amount that is due to the Club and pay the prevailing transfer fee.

Will I be able to get a refund on the remaining portion of my Term Membership if I am being relocated out of Singapore?
Such refunds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You will need to submit your request to the Membership Relations Department and provide documentary proof of your relocation and also settle all outstanding monies with the Club.

Credit Limit Increase (Term Members)

How can I increase my Credit Limit?
This scheme is for Term Members only and is offered to new and existing Term Members. Currently, the credit limit for Term Members is set at $1,000 and will be reduced to $500 in the final three months before the expiry of the term membership, with $500 refundable deposit upfront. Term Members now have the option to increase their credit limit, choosing one of the options below:

Increase Credit Limit to:
Deposit Upfront
(For New Sign-ups)

Additional Deposit Required
(For Current Term Members)

1$1,500which will be reduced to $1,000 in the final three months before term expiry$1,000$500
2$2,000 which will be reduced to $1,500 in the final three months before term expiry$1,500$1,000

To apply for this scheme, download the Increase of Credit Limit application form, and submit it together with your payment to the Main Reception counter, open daily from 9am – 10pm. For enquiries, contact Irene at 6398 5322 or Claudia at 6398 5375 or membership@sgcc.com.sg

Junior Gems Kids' Club Membership

Members’ kids aged between 4 and 12 years can sign up as a Junior Gems member and enjoy special privileges such as birthday treats, free workshops, bi-monthly newsletters, and priority booking for activities at special rates.

Non-refundable membership fee of $26.75 (w/GST) annually will be debited to your next Statement of Account. The annual membership fee will be billed to your account subsequently every 12 months till your child turns 12. Any termination of membership must be done at least 1 calendar month before auto-renewal date in writing.


Every new Junior Gems member will receive an exclusive welcome gift.

Child Membership

Members’ children above the age of 12 and below the age of 21 may apply for their own membership card. As a child member, your children can enjoy the following:

  • 30% off selected F&B items such as milkshakes, floats, pizzas, ice-cream, potato wedges, nachos, plain hot dogs and burgers from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) at the Coffee Deli
  • Gain access to the Gym and other facilities which may require membership card as identification
  • Bring friends to the Club to patronize the facilities