The Club offers various Zumba classes. It is a Latin dance inspired fitness programme that combines aerobics elements. Zumba helps to tone muscles, improve balance and flexibility and is good for your overall cardio health. Come join us on a journey towards a fun and healthy lifestyle!

Lesson Details
Day & Time
10.30am - 11.30am
Venue Club Twenty-Two
Charges (w/GST)
For 4 sessions
$64.20 (Member)
$74.90 (Guest)
Trial Lesson
$16.05 (Member and Guest)
Rasidah Caudal is a qualified Zumba instructor who has been teaching Zumba for over five years at various establishments such as Dance on Us studio, The French School and Touch Diabetes Centre. She is also a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor.
Registration Form
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Things to Note
  • There will be additional charges if there are 5 weeks / lessons in a month
  • Members who wish to discontinue their lessons must inform Julia in writing; giving one month’s advanced notice
Enquiries and Registration
Contact Julia at 6398 5352 or