The Club offers Aikido lessons for adults and children, which are great opportunities for parents and kids to bond and pick up new skills at the same time. Through joint locks, hip throws and pins, Aikido provides excellent training for a strong and agile body and mind, as it exercises every limb and joint to help improve flexibility, muscle tone and coordination.

Lesson Details
Kids / Adults 
4.30pm - 5.30pm 
Aerobics Studio
Charges (w/GST)
$53.50 (member)
$64.20 (Guest)
6 years old and above 
Shihan George Chang is the President and Chief Instructor of Ueshiba Aikido Association. He is a qualified Aikido instructor and the only 7th Dan holder in Singapore. He is officially recognised by Aikido World Headquarters, Japan and has taught Aikido in community centres, country clubs and other organisations. He is the Head Instructor of the Teaching and Grading Committee and is authorized to conduct grading examinations of Aikido students.
Sensei Dato Aaron Ee has been an Aikido practitioner for more than a decade and currently holds a 3rd Dan in the art of Aikido. Certified by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan, he is the Principal Instructor of the Club’s Aikido classes and has vast experience working with both kids and adults.
Registration Form
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Things to Note
  • Members who wish to discontinue their lessons must inform the Sports & Recreation Department in writing; giving one month’s advanced notice
  • There would be additional charges if there are 5 weeks/lessons in a month
Enquiries and registeration
Contact Terrence at 6398 5389 or