The Club offers a structured Taekwondo programme for beginner and intermediate levels. The training curriculum includes unarmed combat, taekwondo aerobics and “poomsae” (dance-like movements). For more advanced students, the Club also offers sparring sessions for them to practise and improve their techniques. Students will also be given opportunities to represent the Club in Taekwondo competitions at the national level. 

Lesson Details
Beginner Intermediate / Advanced Sparring
For 4 - 6 years old
6.15pm - 7pm 
For 6 years and above
7pm - 7.45pm 
8pm - 9.15pm
5.15pm - 6.45pm   
Aerobics Studio
Charges (w/GST)
$78.65 w/GST (Member)
$89.88 w/GST (Guest)
$89.88 w/GST (Member)
$101.12 w/GST (Guest)
Patrick Tan has more than 37 years of Taekwondo coaching experience, which includes teaching in the armed forces, international schools, commercial gyms as well as private clubs and organisations. Equipped with a NCAP Level 3 certification from Sport Singapore, he is also a STF 7th Degree Black Belt, a STF-certified instructor (Poomsae & Kyorugi), a Kukkiwon-certified instructor and a STF referee (Poomsae & Kyorugi). Patrick has won medals in both Poomsae and Kyorugi competitions. He and his team are even the Guinness World Record holders for the most number of vinyl records smashed in 30 seconds!
Under Patrick's training, some of our Club members have emerged as champions in their respective categories in both National Kyorugi Championship and Inter-School Kyorugi Championship. 
Registration Form
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Things to Note
  • Members who wish to discontinue their lessons must inform the Sports & Recreation Department in writing; giving one month’s advanced notice
  • There would be additional charges if there are 5 weeks/lessons in a month
Point of Contact
Contact Terrence at 6398 5389 or recreation@sgcc.com.sg.