Spotlight Monthly

Spotlight Monthly

Spotlight monthly is an initiative by Serangoon Gardens Country Club to feature some of our lesser known facilities and activities/sports available to all Members.

If you have always been curious about a particular sport or wanted to know more about some of the special cuisine showcased at our restaurants, this is your chance to try it out for yourself.

Members can look forward to complimentary classes, special discounts and activities all aimed at casting an informative and interactive spotlight on the month’s activity/facility.

Spotlight Monthly starts from August 2020 with a full month spotlight on Billiards. We then move into a focus on Bowling and Gardens Bowl in September.

Do stay tuned for updates via SGCC’s Facebook page, GardensConnection EDM and posters located around the Club with regard to the particular Feature for that month.

For upcoming Spotlights, do refer to the table below.

Month Spotlight Feature*
August 2020 Pool
September 2020 Bowling
October 2020 Garden Grill
November 2020 Gym/Fitness
December 2020 Squash
January 2021 Tennis

*may be subjected to changes