Member Services


Member Services

IU (In-Vehicular Unit) Number & Car Registration

IU Number & Car Registration

Members are required to register their vehicles’ IU number with the Club for parking in the Club. The IU number is a 10-digit number located on the front of every IU. Members are also required to provide a copy of their vehicles’ online log card(s) as proof of vehicle ownership.

Each membership is entitled to one free car registration. Registration for subsequent vehicles will be charged as follows:

Car Registration charges
Second Car
$53.50 w/GST refundable deposit
Third Car
$53.50 w/GST per month
Fourth Car
$107 w/GST per month

Changing of IU number or vehicle

If you have changed your vehicle, you will have to register this vehicle and apply for a new car label, as well as return your old car label and update your new IU number with the Club. You will also have to provide your new vehicle’s online log card.

If you have changed your IU number but are still retaining your vehicle, you will need to inform the Club of your new IU number by calling Main Reception at 6286 8888 or through our e-form below.

Membership Cards

Membership Cards

Members’ spouses and children (between 12 and 21 years of age) are eligible to apply for their own membership cards at no extra cost.

Application For Membership Card
Apply For Spouse
Apply for Child Membership Card
(for children ages 12 - 21)
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Apply for a Supplementary Membership Card
(for Ordinary Members’ Children aged 21 – 26 years old)
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Lost or Damaged Cards

If your membership card is lost or damaged, you will have to apply for a new membership card. Please note that charges will apply. For the lost of membership card(s), we advise you to deactivate your card(s) by calling the Main Reception at 6286 8888 from 9am – 10pm daily.

Wireless Internet Access

The Club provides wireless internet access at the Main Clubhouse.

Lost & Found

If you have lost any item(s), you may report it in person at the Main ReceptionGym Counter or Security Counter, or call the Main Reception at 6286 8888. If we have found your item, you will be informed. If we don’t contact you within four weeks, unfortunately it means that your item wasn’t recovered.

Rental of Lockers

For rental of lockers on a yearly basis, contact the Palm Wing Reception Counter at 6398 5331.

Updating of Particulars

To update your personal particulars such as address, contact details or particulars of your spouse or children, click here.