Becoming a Member


Becoming a Member

A club for the entire family

Type of Membership Entrance Fee
Monthly Subscription (w/GST)
Sign-up Incentives^
Application Form
This is a lifetime membership and can be transferred.

Ordinary Members have voting rights.*
Entrance fee: $21,400 or

SGCC 50-mth interest free instalment plan
Down payment: $3,400
50-month Instalment: $360 monthly
$80.25 (Single)
$90.95 (Including spouse & children under 21 years of age)

Supplementary membership
$80.25 (for unmarried children of Ordinary members, aged 21-26)
- Minimum subscription period: 6 months
- $53.50 registration fee
For full payment
- $1,500 spending credit+#

For SGCC 50-mth instalment
- $500 spending credit+#
This is a short term membership and cannot be transferred. This is suitable for foreigners or expatriates. Locals can also take up this membership.

Term Members do not have voting rights.*
Entrance fee:
$1,605 (6-mths)
$2,568 (1-year)
$4,494 (2-year)
$90.95 (Single)
$101.65 (Including spouse & children under 21 years of age)
- $200 Spending credit+#
This is a lifetime transferable membership for companies. Each company can have up to 4 nominees.

Nominees of Corporate Members have voting rights.*
Entrance fee: $37,450 or

SGCC 36-month interest-free instalment plan
Down payment: $8,650 - $800 monthly

1st & 2nd nominees: Free
3rd & 4th nominees: $7,490 each
$80.25 (Single)
$90.95 (Including spouse & children under 21 years of age)

Change of Nominee

+ Spending credit can be used for F&B, lesson fees, facilities, social events and activities
# Sign-up incentive is for new members only

* Clause 32.1 of the Club Constituition: Only Founder Members, Life Members, Ordinary Members and, subject to Clause 11.3, nominees of Corporate Members shall have the right to vote at any General Meeting of the Club. At all General Meetings, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Please note the Club reserves the right to amend the fees and update any information without any prior notice.

For more information on what you need to know before signing up, click here or email