Personal Training


Personal Training

Igniting passion, teamwork and sporting excellence

Need some training tips and guidance to get in shape? Our gym instructors can personalize a training programme to your needs. With constant supervision and encouragement, our gym instructors will assist you in achieving your goals safely and efficiently, enabling you to look great in no time. Approach our friendly gym instructors to book your appointment now!

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Personal Training
7am - 10pm (by appointment only)
Venue Gym
Charges (w/GST)$78.65 per session
$337.05 for 5 sessions
$617.93 for 10 sessions
Each session will last for an hour.
Training Package
Personal Dieting
Body Toning
Fitness advice
Personal Training


Hazli Ansar
Certified fitness instructor from Singapore Fitness Instructor Association, with almost 2 decades of experience in the Health and Fitness industry in various clubs, schools, hospitals etc. Have worked with youths and adults alike (Army personnel, youths with special needs, adults with various health/medical issues as well as assisting physios with sports injuries rehab)

Speciality: Strength and Conditioning training, Weight Loss

Christian Yan
Christian Yan served 6 years in the Singapore Armed Forces before starting his 21 years in the fitness industry. His work experience varies from working closely with Juveniles in Melbourne, helping boys entering NS, elite athletes, rehabilitative work in a retirement home to managing a fitness team in Hanoi.
Speciality: post-operation rehabilitation and postural/gait correction

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