Personal Training


Personal Training

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Need some training tips and guidance to get in shape? Our gym instructors can personalize a training programme to your needs. With constant supervision and encouragement, our gym instructors will assist you in achieving your goals safely and efficiently, enabling you to look great in no time. Approach our friendly gym instructors to book your appointment now!
Personal Training
7am - 10pm (by appointment only)
Venue Gym
Charges (w/GST)$74.90 per session
$321 for 5 sessions
$588.50 for 10 sessions
Each session will last for an hour.
Training Package
Personal Dieting
Body Toning
Fitness advice
Personal Training

Members may also take up personal training with our external trainer, Andrew.

Andrew Chua is a certified strength and conditioning coach and is also qualified in first aid, CPR and AED. He specialises in weight loss, sport-specific training, functional training, high-intensity / circuit training and general strength training. He may be reached at 9187 0996.

For enquiries and registration, contact Terrence at 6398 5389 .