Happy Neigong


Happy Neigong

Igniting passion, teamwork and sporting excellence

Neigong refers to the cultivation of deep internal qi (energy). Regular practice can result in a dynamic transformation in one’s health. Members can sign up for the foundation, intensive or private one-to-one training.

Happy Neigong Lesson Details
Foundation Training (1-hour session)
The sessions will work on ‘opening’ the joints, regulating the breath, and getting the general qi flowing. Participants will learn to realign the structure of their body and master basic postures and moves while improving their motor skills. They will also learn the precise and intense stretching of the tendons and muscles coupled with breathing techniques.
4.30pm - 5.30pm
Club 22
Charges (w/GST)Member: $74.12 w/GST
Guest: $85.57 w/GST
Min. Pax
No. of sessions
4 lessons
Prices include GST and are four lessons in a month; there will be additional charges if there are five lessons in a month.


An elected Extraordinary Master of the World for two consecutive years, Master Jennifer Lee is the 22nd generation lineage holder of the Zi Wu Men tradition of neigong. Zi Wu Men Gongfu has a 900-yearold history. With an entry in the Singapore Book of Records, Master Lee is a versatile teacher with more than 35 years of international teaching experience, and is highly sought-after for her modern approach to ancient health techniques.

For enquiries and registration, contact Julia at 6398 5352 or recreation@sgcc.com.sg.